Drawdown Europe design phase

Design phase: Bringing Drawdown to Europe and Europe to Drawdown


The Drawdown Europe design phase report represents the completion of the Design Phase of the Drawdown Europe Research Association, supported and funded by EIT-Climate-KIC. Our work draws upon a vast base of knowledge provided by Project Drawdown and its partners and supporters. The content presented in this report is derived from a series of participation events, workshops and interviews with our broader network and from a series of sessions during the first Drawdown Conference, “Research to Action: the Science of Drawdown” at Penn State University in September 2019. The material harvested during this first six months provided us with a clear direction about what the broader community of researchers, potential end-users and decision-makers need and desire.

We want to thank all knowledge partners and interviewees for providing valuable knowledge and for the work that already has been done. We additionally want to thank you for your commitments and the work that is still going to be done. Collaboration is key in making our efforts actionable and relevant to the context. It ensures that our collective work remains living and useful. Working collaboratively as a living system creates the conditions for life to thrive and lead the way in creating the world we want.

If you want to receive a copy of the report, please send an email to roy@drawdowneurope.org.

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